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What are Kitchen Marble Features, How to Clean/Polish it?

What are Kitchen Marble Features, How to Clean/Polish it?

Interest has increased recently in the surfaces and the materials from which the kitchens are made, so it is taken into account the aesthetic aspect of the parts, and the high quality in manufacturing, and perhaps the most famous materials from which the kitchens are made today are marble of various types such as granite and ceramic, but many women face a problem on how to clean the surfaces without scratching or damaging them. 

Relax and In This Article As We Will Talk About Some Ways to Properly Clean Kitchen Marble:

Kitchen Marble Features

It is distinguished by its strength and resistance to scratches. 

  1. Ease of care 
  2. Fire resistance 
  3. Resistant to moisture 

How to Clean Kitchen Marble 

Dust marble off with a broom. Wash the marble with water mixed with soap, and rub it with a brush. 

Add an appropriate amount of soda to warm water to wash the marble in case it is very dirty, but consider that you speed up the cleaning process so that the tiles are not affected by the soda. 

Wash the tiles well with water, then dry them with a towel or mop. 

Do not use acidic materials, rather use non acidic substances like the vinegar, or lemons to clean marble, as they do not cause scratches and holes in it. 

How to Polish Kitchen Marble 

  • Polishing the kitchen marble is a highly recommended kitchen restoration move. To do that: Add two tablespoons of liquid soap to a gallon of hot water. Use a cloth swab to clean the marble with the water mixture. 
  • Clean the ceramic in the kitchen.
  • Make sure to sweep it regularly, using a soft broom. 
  • Wipe it with soft cloth, and avoid using coarse wool so that it does not cut it. 
  • Avoid using sharp objects to scrape them when cleaning sticky stains, so as not to scratch them. Ensure to strictly follow the professional tile cleaning services’ guidelines.
  • Wipe it with a mixture of vinegar and water solution, if possible. 
  • Avoid using bleaches or detergents that contain ammonia as the primary substance in their composition, as they can make it dull. 
  • Clean it as soon as it becomes dirty, by pouring a large amount of water onto the gypsum located between the tiles, especially if it is spilled on with a liquid containing sugar. 

For the marble tile and grout cleaning in Gawler, use the oxygen bleach recipe to remove the blackening accumulated between the ceramic tiles, by mixing a cup of oxygen bleacher in a warm water bucket, and follow the instructions on the oxygen bleach box, then pour the solution on the dry ground so that you make sure the lines between the tiles are saturated with the mixture that you have prepared for half an hour, and scrub the lines with a brush of bristles made of nylon, then wash the floor with clean water, and repeat the process.


To get your kitchen tile cleaning met with the desired result, clean the marble as soon as it gets dirty, and make sure to clean it regularly and cautiously. If you don’t have the time or energy to take up the task, why not give it a more professional approach when you arrange the regular polishing with tile polishing services by using Carpet Cleaning Gawler.